Being involved in an accident during your holiday can be inconvenient and stressful.

If you had an accident, an injury, or develop an illness on your holiday, that was not your fault, then you could be entitled to claim compensation for your ruined holiday.

Making a holiday accident claim can be more difficult than other types of claims. Which is why discussing the case with an experienced attorney at Whitehead Law Group of Kevin W. Whitehead is the first step to take. Our main focus is to seek the best possible outcome for you.

Accidents, injuries, and illnesses happen at any time anywhere due to somebody else’s fault. Holiday accidents could come about in a; hotel, motel, boats, cruises, airplane, car, rental vehicle, rental bikes or even on the beach.

Our goal at Whitehead Law Group, is to ensure that clients receive suffice financial compensation for the cost of their injuries. This includes: Special Damages and General Damages which can be itemized as:

  • Special Damages(Measurable costs):
  • General Damages (Less measurable costs):
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Earnings
  • Emotional Distress
  • Property Damage

Common types of accidents or injuries that happen on holidays, you can claim compensation for include but not limited to:

Let us handle the legal aspect of your claim.
On your behalf you should:

  • Report the injury, accident or illness.
  • Take the names and contact details of witnesses if there were any and if possible get photographs taken of the area where the accident took place.
  • Keep evidence of doctor visits, hospital visits, treatments, and keep receipts of prescriptions or any related expenses.

If you have suffered injuries while on your holiday, call us today to discuss your possible claim with one of our widely experienced attorney’s at (305) 444-3886 OR e-mail us here.

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