If you are a victim of a mistake or error by a medical professional that damaged or harmed you? Then you might have a Medical Malpractice Claim.

Medical malpractice refers to professional negligence.

Quick Facts:

  • Between 44,000 to 98,000 Americans die in hospitals each year due to preventable medical errors.
  • There were 90,212 claims filed in 1995 and 86,480 claims filed in 2000.
  • An untold number are injured, forced to live with daily pain because of someone else’s mistake.
  • The top five areas of medical malpractice allegations are diagnosis, surgery, treatment, obstetrics, and medication/anesthesia.
  • Compensation is fairly high for medical malpractice claims
  • During 2012, $3.6 billion was paid to 12,142 victims of medical malpractice. This represents a payment every 43 minutes.

At Whitehead Law Group, we don’t think you should have to suffer as a result of a medical professional’s mistake. We will use our experience, skills, and resources to investigate your case and pursue justice and maximum compensation for your injuries

Any malpractice case is a long and complicated legal matter because it’s not always fast or easy to prove. Your main concern should be your own health and wellbeing, let us handle the law suit portion.

What Can Our Attorneys Do for You?

Our experienced attorneys already know which medical experts to consult and what questions to ask. We understand are able to read medical documents, and can anticipate the tactics of the medical malpractice defense team.

Wait theres more!

  • Using our experience and expertise to evaluate your case.
  • We can help you understand and navigate the system.
  • Investigating the incident and determining fault.
  • Proving that fault legally.
  • Dealing with insurance companies.
  • Arranging expert medical testimony to point out where things went wrong during your treatment.
  • Fighting on your behalf for the compensation you deserve in the negotiating room.

Each medical malpractice or medical negligence case is different. It is ideal to speak with an experienced attorney at our firm directly in order to recover the compensation you deserve for damages. Don’t settle! Get the right amount of money owed to you with our help.

Did a doctor or another medical professional make a mistake? Did that mistake cause Injury or death to a patient? Were the treatments provided to you substandard? Were you misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis? Did any emergency room, OB-GYN, Surgery or Anesthesia errors occur? Did you experience pharmacy or medication administration errors? Did you experience childbirth injuries?

If you can prove your doctor didn’t follow the standard care for your particular medical problem, you’ve made a big first step in making a good medical malpractice claim!

When a doctor fails to live up to the expectations, he or she may be held financially liable for any harm. Our experienced attorney at Whitehead Law Group can ascertain the merits of your claim, and help walk you through the necessary stages of filing a possible lawsuit.

We are the attorney’s to turn to when the person who you trusted most with your health lets you down.

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