If you believe you were a victim of negligent security, let us help you.

Property owners have the responsibility to provide safety and security to their, guests, visitors, and customers. If you or a loved one was a victim of a criminal assault that happened because of insufficient security, and the negligence of those held responsible, then you might have a case!

Criminal assaults can happen anywhere, anytime, even in public places during broad day light. Claims based on negligent security can occur as a result of: Attacks, Assaults, Rapes, Robberies, and Homicides. Our Whitehead Law Group attorneys know how to fully investigate and handle negligent security cases with success.

Our main focus is protecting your rights.

You should have the right to expect your life or the lives of loved ones are not to be in danger because of crime.

Because the injuries sustained in a criminal assault may involve tragic injuries such as stabbing, gunshot wounds, and preventable death of an innocent person. These cases tend to be more complex, which is why discussing the case with an experienced attorney at Whitehead Law Group is the first step to take.

Fun fact:

  • Property owners can be held liable for injuries if they fail to protect visitors, guests, or customers from a known danger, or fail to warn them of that danger.

When injured, as a result of failure to take appropriate security measures such as having surveillance cameras, the use of security guards, and following safety and maintenance policies and procedures, it can have a dramatic impact on the life, health and the future of an innocent individual.

For many years, our firm has been committed to assisting those injured and loved ones whose lives have been changed by criminal assaults that happened because of insufficient security. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help you obtain compensation for your injuries or loss.

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