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Making a difference for injured victims

Focused on enjoying the surroundings, Tourists tend to be less attentive to dangers around. Because Florida is one of the top tourism destinations in the world, injuries occur all the time here. Sometimes, when unplanned events in a vacation involve injuries, the results can be extremely stressful and difficult and the injuries you suffer could have consequences that change your life forever. Let one of our attorneys at our firm fight for your rights.

Know your legal rights.

Failure to take the necessary steps to protect guests may result in potential liability for the resort owners.

Resort tort/ travel vacation injuries are personal injury cases for negligent or intentional acts that occur in a resort, vacation, travel or recreational setting. Injuries can involve:

  • Hotel and Motel safety
  • Amusement and theme park liability
  • Diving, Swimming, or Underwater incidents
  • Cruise ship injuries
  • Boating and Jet ski accidents
  • Casinos and Gaming incidents
  • Car Rental Liability
  • Moped Liability
  • Aviation (commercial and general)
  • Foreign travel and medical emergencies provided to vacationers\
  • Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety
  • Buses and Tour guides
  • Violent Crime/Negligent security
  • Defective premises design or layout
  • Defective products

Resorts have the responsibility to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. They are responsible for the wellbeing of their guests. For this reason, they are to repair dangerous conditions and provide adequate warnings, though they often fail to do so. Those injured due to the negligence of a resort should contact our attorneys to discuss your claim.

Do the hotel policies and procedures meet industry standards?

Is the surrounding neighborhood safe?

Are there trespassers wandering around?

Were you or someone you know, a guest at a resort or other lodging establishment which failed to maintain their establishments and premises in a condition that would be considered reasonably safe?

Whitehead Law Group has your answers!

Why Hire Our Firm?

  • We can help you understand and navigate the system.
  • We are diligent, strategic, dedicated, compassionate, and widely experienced.
  • Dealing with insurance companies can cause headaches, your main concern should be your own health and wellbeing, let us handle the law suit.
  • It is our main focus to ensure that we give our full efforts to our clients so that they can enjoy the benefits of the maximum compensation after an accident.
  • Our attorneys are experts in dealing with insurance companies.
  • We have the resources and experience to prepare every case for trial and can litigate on your behalf when it becomes necessary.
  • Insurance companies have lawyers, so should you!
  • We are aggressive, which makes us known! We have filed thousands of claims or lawsuits against companies and insurance companies, they know who we are.

Let our experience go to work for you and ensure that you are protected and adequately compensated for your injuries and losses.

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