06 November 2017

WAIT FOR IT! There is now a new cause for traffic accidents

WAIT FOR IT! There is now a new cause for motor vehicle accidents. Like we need any more REALLY!

Traffic accidents occur every minute on a daily basis making it just another part of our lives unfortunately. It has been reported that over 37,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents each year! Additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled, over 1,600 children under 15 years of age die each year, nearly and 8,000 people are killed in crashes involving drivers ages 16-20. Motor vehicle accidents cost the U.S. approximately $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person! Despite all the advances in road construction, car construction, car safety, and driver education, car accidents within the United State are still on the rise.

The New Leader: Distracted Driving:

A distracted driver is a motorist that diverts his or her attention from the road, usually to talk on a cell phone, send a text message or eat food. People glued to their phones, using social media, sending text messages, watching videos, talking to people, or even shooting photos and videos of themselves is the new #1 cause of traffic accidents and fatalities in both America and the state of Florida. Tragically, distracted driving as a result of phone use has overtaken even drunk driving for causing injury and death on Florida’s roads.

“Florida lawmaker pushes for tougher texting-while-driving law. Florida is one of four states where texting while driving is a secondary offense, meaning that law enforcement cannot pull over motorists for texting at the wheel. … Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.”

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